Dress up with flowers...


Styling is focusing on the details that sometimes escape us in the pursuit of beauty.

Use flowers,

not necessarily

in a vase

Even browsing through a catalogue or a calendar could become a mechanical gesture: our attention needs to be distracted by the details to notice the whole.

A variable

staging, in a few


The floral stylist, like a good costume designer, knows how to choose the right dress

for the representation to be staged, to interpret your photoshoot with the natural element. In just a few tweaks, by moving a flower or a branch, the perception of the image changes, like an evolving stagecraft.

Every creation  of human talent has a soul, but styling gives it a voice... floral styling brings it closer to a more natural dimension, placing it in a living space.

The rich vocabulary of flowers have colours and shades to dress up your product and to transform your showroom into a container of settings.